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poetry saved my life

03 Sep 2019

so i said: popped a pretty pristine piece a paper
in my polyester pocket n pulled out a political poem
said poem – poem
shoulda stood still on the side of your slippery street
spat out some syllables and said poem – poem
let’s lift the lying lids off labels in the ladies’ aisle
let’s call it a little lesson in local linguistics n say
poetry saved my life
like a tank-top jesus in a sidebar feed
nobody told me there’d be poems like these
two-minute rhythm rants
stiletto phrases
many many many many words on stages

let loose another

12 Aug 2019

so we let loose
all the stunning words
we spin on stages
inside locked and gated poems
like metered pages
another word stack
packed back to back
behind another word here
in front of another word here
beyond another word here
beneath another word here
yet another word here
layers of lines here
this big list is a poem here
a rhyming dictionary of chronic fictions
of autocratic conniptions
with tight noun light attacks
a language of clenched fists
running verbs we spat

extinction 2.0

03 Aug 2019

sittin on my flat-pack plastic hands
like a britney mannequin squinting
cuffed, roped, panicking n seething
scroll hate-swipe speaking
through troll posts
in the instas, in the tweeters
the likers and the emoji paste venters
all face n thumbs quick sprinting

yet another poem

28 Jul 2019

under the setting saturday sun
we speak truth
and stand in solid sentence
can you sense our veracity?
our molten lava reality?
as we spin these rampant words
into vacant spaces
dripping rapid-fire syllables of eloquent syntax
into open mouths
and brazen faces

listen, as we sell our sins
to gods and masters and lovers
so walls of paper can burn
and gravel can hurt
or build concrete
and smashed locks can break fences
and stripped cyclone from solid steel
are hammers to shape us

This is not a sacrificial poem

29 Jun 2019

This is not a sacrificial poem
This is not a Prop
This is not a costume
This is not a clock
This is not a weekday
This is not a Monday
This is not Tuesday
This is not Wednesday
This is not Thursday like its Friday
This is Slam Day
This is not a competition, it is
This is not a poem about climate crisis, it is
This is not Capitalism, it is
This is not a Democracy
This is not a Republic
This is not an Anarchist, man
This is just another poem in a poetry slam
But I digress

margarets dead is a dead poem

14 Jun 2019

hello, so here we are now

huddled for this tented voyage

never ready for blunt-faced

rock star poets to speak

like main street pastry

sweet calorific word-units rained brutal

all yr fat thick metaphoric

les murray-style stanzas

spoken lines and maybe munted rhymes

here in this sacred semiotic space


hills n hills of rows of fine vines clarified

harrowed like hashtagged hashtags

a margaret river narrative

not even a weed in sight


and poetry is dead again, woke


11 Dec 2015

on noongar land
there is a sweet noise
rolling in at the horizon
just under the raw clouds
it’s a thin sound

and we’re speaking in verse, always traverse
its two steps forward, another in reverse

we’re building walls
with words
to stop the hate
picking locks
utter stanzas
unhinging the gates
we’re carpet bombing villages
with poems of peace
pieces of poems
creating treaties

100 poems

08 Sep 2015

this is slam about a poem
this is slam about a poem about a poem
this is a poem about sex
this is poem about drugs
this is poem about rock n roll
this is poem about 120 seconds in length
this is poem about cats on the internet
this is poem about god
your god
my god
oh my god
this is poem about
a dictionary
a thesaurus
the government
this is poem about you
this is poem about me
this is poem about the next poet


07 Sep 2015

My partner, my son and I run the monthly Perth Slam at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth:

I've been the WA Coordinator of the Australian Poetry Slam since its inception in 2007. Here's some basic information and links. Feel free to contact me to find out more.

WA HEATS APS Facebook Page


last round

06 Sep 2015

this ones for the coulda beens
the shoulda beens
the wanna bes
the also-rans
the think I cans
the go getters
the coulda been betters
for those that wann’d be there
those that shoulda been there
those who coulda been there
this is for the clangers
the misheld hangers
the one percenters
the on field venters

this ones for the retired
won’t get rehired
for fletch’s 400
and lest we forget
those who’ll