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Mansplaining mansgrooming to men

04 May 2015

I’m off to the boy’s salon
Got an upset man bun
A busted up guy-do
Book my barber for a manicure
Got a decoupage on my cuticles
Look at my bro-scape
Like I’m an oil paint
I’m a man-canvas
I came back for a Back crack n sack
This top knot needs a service
Need a massage on my face for the ladies
For the man-groomers, not the baby boomers
Baby you can find me in the Detox Sauna / Exfoliating
or under the Hot Stone, de-stress Relaxation
Fantasy team Spray Tan

Lest we forget

25 Apr 2015

Lest we forget
We forgot
We forgot
Those that stood up at the Nek
That fell like so much mud and rock
And blood and bones
Light horsemen fallen heavy
The roar of musketry
At dawn
Five thousand bullets per minute
Cut down like grass mown

41 Derbies

25 Apr 2015

They meet again this Sunday
In the April Sun
At the fat ground, the Western Derby
And youse can tell the Vicko commentators
It’s a DERBY not a DARBY
And the scarfed mobs fill the trains early
40,000 spill in from all points of the city and beyond

This Most Marvellous Pope

25 Apr 2015

This Most Marvellous Pope

Richie’s out for 84

No wickets left in hand

No nightwatchman tonight

All heads bowed now in the shed at 2.22

T’was a worthy captains knock, they said, over

That satin voice of summer from the TV

round one

02 Apr 2015

there was movement at the clubrooms
for the word had passed around
that the black-n-red had got off scot-free

that all the pin-cushion media metaphors
the supplementary sagas
the doping dramas
the sensationalist deadline regimes
had got away

and a hundred-thousand left-wing gripe-mongers
eyes bulging, throats sore from loyal vitriol
can’t quite wipe all that spit, from all those lips

it’s a lifestyle choice

17 Mar 2015

locked on to my dragon,
pepper-sprayed n wrenched
i’m a concrete warrior, immovable
defending this defenceless pocket
of karri, marri in the black mud
leaf-litter n sticks in my hair
staring up at the canopy at the cloud
under slow fat rain
or embedded in an open frack paddock action
go get an angle grinder to release me
when democracy is relentless, useless
so i’m locking on, again
coz we spoke softly then shouted
to the blind, the pin-striped leaders
the cloth-eared kings

the age of entitlement is over – sing it!

12 Mar 2015

It’s another eight-flag day in the capital
Another record broken.
The great nation draped in a cape,
A token of a hundred million
union jacks and seven-point stars
stretched from Geraldton to Cairns
from Hobart to Darwin
And when the age of entitlement is over
You’ll be working from the grave
Hands reaching for the timesheet
Hockey-whipped at the funeral home
“Get up and work nanna”, they’ll shout
From the watchtowers
And when the age of entitlement is over