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blood mud salt - with Maitland Schnaars

28 Nov 2014

The sound of dry leaves and twigs brushing dusty black boots, crunch of wafer thin slivers of dry red mud.

The ancient crack and rumble. Red-rock fists of god and stars. And echoes of songs of giants gone. Gone. Gone…

Red earth moist and thick like congealed blood.

Maps in our veins of blood, mud, salt, blood, mud, salt, blood, mud, salt.

the road with Kevin Gillam

28 Nov 2014

the road - by Kevin Gillam and Allan Boyd

the road scars right, across the
crippled self; also scissored, a
palm of land, tumbling, dwindling,
busting like a burst hot-dog
a groove, a history, a way in,
a fissure of sermons
worn and healed slick
a scoff of wallpaper

abc radio poems

28 Nov 2014

ABC Radio 720 Perth contacted me in March 2014 to talk about Slam Poetry. I did a poem for them. Drive presenter John McGlue loves poetry and they asked me to become their "Resident Poet" - I called myself "The Antipoet Laureate". And they ask me back every week. Here's the result. Some have audio links. And for some I've made a little video. Enjoy! There's more to come - I'm adding more as we speak. Are we speaking?

fly in fly out fly in fly out

28 Nov 2014

fly in fly out fly in fly out
and she’s on another swing
a roundabout of airports
another pilbara narrative
racking up the qantas points
at the exit seat, inside a novel
pindan fingers
pindan boots
fly in fly out fly in fly out
siren, rumble of blast
iron hills to rubble
at the next CAT ONE shutdown
we evacuate ourselves
in a debt cycle
for a new house i’ll never live in
a boat I’ll never float
and fly in fly out fly in fly out
six years of missed birthday cake

about allan boyd - aka antipoet

28 Nov 2014
So here's the short bio:

antipoet - allan boyd

28 Nov 2014

I'm Allan Boyd aka the antipoet. Welcome to my site. In 1995 I founded the Openmouth sessions at the PICA Bar in Perth Western Australia, where emerging poets got loud and experimental, where indie music met spoken sounds, and performance poetry met noise. We packed the place to overflow every month! I've been pretty much doing poetry and organising arts stuff ever since.

this is not a fifo poem

21 Nov 2014

this is not a fifo poem
or a love poem
or a newman airport riddle
it’s a list of brilliant metaphors
listening to a hundred thousand
clive palmers without a face
or an earpiece
goodbye. goodbye.
my drunken goodbyes , wet-eyed
at the edge of this battered country
we’re collecting simple ideas
in haul packs, an endless riff
of cleared spinifex plains
under 50 degree lunch sun
beer, shiraz eyes
taste of pindan, ochre arms wider
than this island of empty white noise

antipoet restaurant - menu du-jour

14 Nov 2014


triple pan-fried and rolled watermelon chutney
teased on softly burnt broccolini shards

elegantly-bruised porpoise meatballs
served on a hefty bed of emasculated bronze cous-cous helmets

thinly sliced, slow-cooked equine cheeks
tossed on whisked Belgium pom-pom shells

chronically bovine citrus, with locally sourced pindan
and a quiff of breast milk butter