let loose another

so we let loose
all the stunning words
we spin on stages
inside locked and gated poems
like metered pages
another word stack
packed back to back
behind another word here
in front of another word here
beyond another word here
beneath another word here
yet another word here
layers of lines here
this big list is a poem here
a rhyming dictionary of chronic fictions
of autocratic conniptions
with tight noun light attacks
a language of clenched fists
running verbs we spat
n spilt like blood n milk
drips on hands like ink
a shaved head tat
my next big simile
who’s with me
who’s that on the phone
who you talking to
what’s the app for that
can I help with that
where can I get that
can’t un-see that
need an update
need to kill this script

and this is a poem

just another status-symbol uptake
on my latest sick-meme
my gif-emoji cracked screen
a splintered filtered list of some
of the dumb things
that may or may not happen
or the good things
may not have happened yet
or the bad things

or in real time
this is another poem

like brute force attacks
we deliver parasitic
cryptic onslaughts
can’t be bought
but ought to be taught
and we stand on solid walls
and cry about it
we take to the street
write signs about it
grab a mic
and rhyme about it
climb dead cars
and chant about it
drop another poem in the bin for it
strip down jump in the drink for it
can’t stop word stacks drift for it
drop to the slick sand bleed for it
red bricks lift above heads and thrown
every city shop-front mirror smashed
layered n mortared
could build another world with it
get another word and build a poem with it
or talk and talk and talk and talk so much with it
yet I say nothing with it
all dead noise from my mouth in it
but nobody’s ready for it
this poem never spoken yet
but here she is now
just another fucking wasted
waiting poem now
like the world needs another one
just another one
let loose in this room
another poem another poem