In the beginning

He said: Its criminal

There ought to be a law


And we rock the Canning like its 1974

This 10K sonic bitumen strut

The screeching rhythm of ourselves

The stench of rubber burnt on tar

Diesel, petrol. Denim n tats

Escort reds tucked into

Rolled up t-shirt sleeves

A Monaro bicep flex


We strut as one huge rock-star body

Into the wide-open road

We are 10 metres tall. Bronze

Black ripple-soled desert boots

White volleys. And if you want blood

Fists aloft in the Bicton park

You got it


No stop signs. Speed limit

Nobody gonna slow me down

Hey mamma. Look at me

I'm on the way to the promised land


Schoolboy uniform, guitar arms flail

Aloft a mighty black speaker stack, strings wail

Feedback. Distortion. Bass n Rhythm. Spotlight

Sweat splatters n sinew in this stadium

This heavy red light

This pub. This church

This teenage guide to a testosterone riot

All body hair n cut-off denim jacket

Wild-eyed and cheeky smile

Missing a tooth or two

Mike lead twist at your wrist

Bent back in pose, hair flick

Holy smoke and sweet desire

A new kinda rock god

Gettin robbed, stoned, beat up, broken boned

Gettin' had, took. I tell ya folks

this is so much harder than it looks


I mean dirty, mean, mighty unclean - man

Potentially a misogyny - man

a wanted man, a public enemy number one - man


And hey Satan, I’ve paid my dues

I’m a socially maladjusted

Bubble-gum Buttercup Valentine boy

Fraternity. Fang. And Spektor boy

An Adelaide fertiliser factory boy

A Jacks bottle chucked n

Bucked off the bike

And three days in a coma

Round n round n round

In the Mount Lofty Rangers

Lurchin into Freo

on a Saturday night

It’s an SG Gibson Marshall Stack riff

Cooler than a body on ice

Hotter than a rollin dice

In the hotel motel

Doin the hard sell

We get old, get grey, ripped off, under-paid

Get sold, second hand

That's how it goes


Its livin easy. Lovin free

Season ticket on a one-way ride

South Perth Metro Como Canning Bridge

Past the Raffles to the The Leopold

Those Marcus Rainbows

Containers painted at the entry point

To the sheep. Ship city


See me ride into the sunset

On your colour TV screen

Out for all that I can get

Fly across the sand dunes

over Walylup to Wadjemup

And tonight

there’s nothin

I'd rather do

This party time

All my friends are gonna

be there too

I'm on the highway

The highway to hell


Don't stop me