palmer drama

there’s no calmer drama in parliament
than clive fredrick palmer
he’s such a charmer
no more charming than chicken parma tuesday
rockin up to the house
in a Rolls on a Wednesday
or a Bently on a Thursday
or a Merk on a Monday
a gentle fistful of monetary whispers
to the party resisters
those sunshine dinosaurs
this Palmersaurus riddle
and galore galore, puppy and gore
we’re rolling on floors
running out doors
run PUP flags up poles
digging big big holes
for iron and nickel, and dirty brown coal
thrusting buckets at pensioners
standing up for the little guy
this big big big big guy mining magnate
the member for Fairfax
head as big as a car
one of a hundred and fifty cars in the shed
a helicopter mission
to trade carbon emissions
a startling omission
ETS price at zero to start, and no start date
and palmer harms farmers
with alarming big holes
with friends in high places
high courts and sunshine resorts
lets unite and party like its dry july
united in two types of titanic boats
one that sinks and one that floats