sit back crack a six pack

on a friday afternoon
in the sticky city
ice in the esky, cricket, beer
in the guts of a stinker
a January cremation
sucking back a 2K Easterly that does nothing
does squat,
and it’s too hot to sit on the dunny
so we sit back crack a six pack
wait for the break
tell stories about no water in this country
like 61 days without a drop
think we in Bunuru now
not enough ice in this esky
a slurry and we
sit back crack a six pack
rumble cracks
like syrupy hope in 2am cloud
crumbles in rolling rifts
across the grey night
and into the daylight
burn in this wall of heat
fear of opening doors
never let the outside in
a roar of next doors aircon
thick dry rock moves beneath
like this is another sun, a better sun
we’re walking on toes under hoses
and we sit back crack a sixpack
watch another scorcher
a victory, like binger’s final ball
and then it cracks
those sky-length forks
hit earth, hard
and the fattest drops fall
pissing in pockets
onto some lucky buggers backyard
somewhere else
somewhere other than here
then it’s a swift sigh, quickly forgotten
and we sit back crack a sixpack
watch the ants go hard,
go crazy brave in the concrete cracks
burn mozzie coils while
on the other side of the island
they’re knighting Princes
but we sit back crack a sixpack
watch the round ball
smack the back of the net
waiting for the real siren
for Pav to come back
for the doctor
in this second summer
we sit back
crack a six pack
and sigh…

So I went to my local big barn bottleshop – up in Currambine this arvo. To fetch a carton of my favourite beer - the ONLY NO CARB Australian beer. It’s a nice drop and I love it! And I tell ya its hard to find. But these guys have it. So I’m in the big coolroom and my heart sinks as I see this bloke grabbing the last 2 cartons of the good stuff! Now I won’t drink any other beer except this particular brand. I was gutted. But that’s okay, I think, this is Australia. Surely he’ll share the booty. Two men Two cartons! Simple… I said hey mate, you gonna take both of those? I only drink this one. He outright said NO! He’d driven up from Maddington and it was for his boss. I was devastated. That is just so UnAustralian!