This Most Marvellous Pope

This Most Marvellous Pope

Richie’s out for 84

No wickets left in hand

No nightwatchman tonight

All heads bowed now in the shed at 2.22

T’was a worthy captains knock, they said, over

That satin voice of summer from the TV

Speaks, makes sense of the maths

three days into a test, Benaud never said too much

On that carpet of humanity, we dip the Baggy Green

This leg-spin pontiff, an aggressive wag of the holy tail

Lest we forget your leg breaks, your flipper

a googly/top spin blend

A raised eyebrow, a little nod he said

a smashed gum, a cut top lip against South Africa

copped one in the face at short gully

A mumble of wedding vows

He’s a slow turn of the ball

giving life to the leather

hitting a 100 in 78 minutes against the Windies in 55

Cheers you marvellous silvertop

And that’s stumps