mornin john - for john mcglue

mornin john
yr one in a billion john
its NBG John
don’t be butthurt
no need to rage-quit facebook
yr awesomesauce
there’s no way yr weak sauce
yr a glanceable
a bit clickable
maybe a little
waitin for the morning show mic drop john
lets bantz the fat-shame on the morning train john
snapchat ya manspreading
took up two seats bruh
meanwhile yr talkback with randos
at least after the show
you get an early
beer o’clock
wine o’clock
spirit o’clock
coffee o’clock
tea o’clock
bonox o’clock
opps had a brain fart, bruh
hey john
heard ya paid cakeage
at the cupcakery
left early for the cat café
just in time to touch up a fur baby
happy as a bastard on Father’s Day
see you in the morning john
its a deradicalisation
of yr abc drive addiction
rescued from a fatberg
getting fully hangry
too many new words im slangry
put aside the fat-shame
face full a paleo
a bit melty
a bit cheffy
a bit teble cleffy
john it was a pocket dial, a butt-dial
wasn’t spear-phishing yr inbox
emotismilin outta yr toolbox
seeya in the morning john
seeya in the morning