Mansplaining mansgrooming to men

I’m off to the boy’s salon
Got an upset man bun
A busted up guy-do
Book my barber for a manicure
Got a decoupage on my cuticles
Look at my bro-scape
Like I’m an oil paint
I’m a man-canvas
I came back for a Back crack n sack
This top knot needs a service
Need a massage on my face for the ladies
For the man-groomers, not the baby boomers
Baby you can find me in the Detox Sauna / Exfoliating
or under the Hot Stone, de-stress Relaxation
Fantasy team Spray Tan
patch-free brown tan colour from a can man
I’m a shiny man / A mirror man
A humble man /A perfect stubble man
A bearded man
Got my badger in my right hand
And some cream
Chill back in my leather recliner
Crack another cold one, got the footy on
Clip my Dome tight
On Friday night
Before the football
Get a Restyle
Shave the pubics
With a straight blade
Keepin a straight face
In this groom-space
Look at me mate
I love me, wanna marry me
Getting an erection
at my manscaped reflection
im an inspiration
hey man, where are you
im waiting for an uber at the station
Seeya at the cigar bar, bra
Make mine a whisky and you can tell me
How much
I love me