lingers - with Kevin Gillam

it’s a dangerous light near the surface. is-
lands. drawn out silence. and like sails in my hands.

prints finger across the brown disconnect of sinew
his boldness saliva in fencepost diatribe, measure

these habits. frail spring afternoon. does not meet
my eyes. gnarled. netted with shadows. a mess of

negative procession, a progression of drive-thru
meaning. droplets on geraldton wax (chamelaucium)

ripples. the ebb, forecast of loss. using my
own words. hands twitching the jetsam. Verticals

dictionaries of selfish omelettes, n braised garlic
spring onion peeled, sliced like northbridge blue lights

surrendered to smart haze. a meniscus of
thought. perfect trajectory. but losing North.

or other crude points of map; sometimes creased
pages – mandurah sense-makers - 3am mud, sand

the Sound remembers. the mouth is the eyes. cut
the sea from the beach. squinting against. lingers.

n that shit breaches all the novels, the dead poetry,
n hip-hop without rhyme – or reality thesaurus, calm

stumps of jetty, reminders. fat matchsticks. flot-
sam of seens. neap. scent of dried weed. gap between

uniforms, unspoken dialogue, swan river stroll, whoever
does that anyway, north in the eve – we can only recognise ideas

sensation and sense. haphazard paint strokes. then
shirrs. near the skin surface, like doubt. Dangerous

can’t spell reason, or past sentences, if only we could
speak in song, and lie on grass river edge. comfor.t