first week of september

At the AFL starter gate…
At the top it’s the Sydney Swans in red n white bloods culture and its an academy award to australian of the year all big buddy and kick it to Tippet until the siren sounds - ball
Hawthorn all happy happy wearing wees n poos all grunt n mighty fighting Hawks without a buddy, but a Clarko – did you see that, umpire
Geelong where God and his son learnt to play the game the way it should be played at home and far away – they always find a way – outta bounds
Freo, now, who’s plane broke on the tarmac, with Fyfe back from a holiday, no chance for the Brownlow on Ballantyne’s Day, looking for something to put in the cabinet – yah green maggot
The Port Adelaide tradition, now in magpie prison bar black n white no teal confusion, a 22 speed freak group in unison, chasing sharp, hard, fast - the power to win with aggression – goal!
North Melbourne all shiny guts n shin bone Roo blue n white stripes at the G on Saturday night –against Essendon, see them fly up, drop bombs with Red Sash n Black precision – yes!
Richmond in its traditional 9th spot, wait no, its made it to eighth, all yellow n black from Tigerland now in the mix – and they’re off …